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Terms of Service

By inviting the bot and therefore using it on your server you are automatically agreeing to the Bots Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.

With inviting the Bot you also agree to the bot collecting data as described in the Privacy Policy.


we will only collect data that is required for the bot to properly work.


  • By using the Bot you are not allowed to break Discord's TOS in any way.
  • You may only use the Bots features and commands in the way they are intended.
  • It's forbidden to exploit any kinds bugs in the EmeraldBot. In that case you are free to report those via Discord to CuzImSyntax#9033.

Change of services

We don't guarantee you that features of the EmeraldBot will exist permanently. This can also happen without special information to the end user.

  • We might change the way features or services work
  • Add new features to the Bot
  • Remove existing features
  • Replace commands with similar features

Function of Service

We don't pledge that every command / service of the EmeraldBot is guaranteed to work as intended.
There might be some exceptions where features or services of the EmeraldBot might not work properly:

  • When there is a downtime of any service of the EmeraldBot which causes the Bot to not operate properly
  • When there is an unseen error in production services which may prevent any feature or service from working properly.


We might exclude you as a user or a server the bot is used in from the usage of the bot at any point.

  • This can happen without any kind of explanation.


The Emeraldbot is not affiliated with any services from Discord. We don't have any rights or copyright ownerships on apps / products connected to Discord.

Privacy Policy

General Information

The EmeraldBot saves data of users/servers in order for commands and features to work properly. We only store the data we need for the commands to work, nothing more. In addition the data is only used by the EmeraldBot to perform its work. We don't use any of your data for anything else than that. For almost every command we only store data when you invoke a command or enable a bots feature.

Exceptions for automatic data collection

The only exception is the leveling module. This module is enabled by default. For every user writing a message on your server we have information stored about their level and their xp. If you don't want the EmeraldBot to track messages for leveling purposes, you can simply disable the module with /module disable leveling.

Also when you enable the InviteManager the EmeraldBot will automatically keep track of all invites on the server and will log which user invited who and so on.

For every other feature of the EmeraldBot we won't store any data without you interacting with the bot.

How the stored data looks

To make it as transparent as possible we want to show you some examples of how the stored data looks.

Leveling example of an entry in our database:

id guild_id user_id exp lvl time
1 681821783908810752 346328447804506123 286 19 0
  • The id is the way we make sure every entry in our database is unique.
  • The guild_id is the id of the server, the data is from.
  • The user_id is the id of the user, the data is from.
  • The exp and the lvl are needed information for the leveling module to work.
  • The time marks wether you are on cooldown for gaining xp or not.

For other commands we may also collect: - The id of a message, channel, role - The url of an invite - A text you entered for example for the welcome command or the levelup message.

If you want to know more about how the data looks, feel free to contact me via DM on Discord CuzImSyntax#9033.

How long do we store your data?

For most of the commands we store your data until you leave the server the data is from, you delete a channel, a message or when you remove the bot from the server or delete it via an account. There is only one exception where your data is kept longer, the Economy module. This module is not server wide, but bot wide, so for example you have the same amount of coins on every server you are on.

During a downtime of the EmeraldBot and it's infrastructure it may be possible that the data is stored longer.

Temporarily stored data

The EmeraldBot uses a caching system, to not make to many API calls to Discord. Through that event some of your data might be stored temporarily, for a certain time, but is never used without a normal bot action, such as to invoke a command or events such a user joining your server.


The EmeraldBot will never ask you about your real name, your address or other personal information. We will also never ask you to provide us a password of your Discord account or any other account information.

Removal of data

As mentioned above you can delete most of the stored data by just removing the EmeraldBot from all of your servers.

When you as a user want to delete all of your data without kicking the bot or also remove the Economy data, you can request a removal of your data per Discord Dm via CuzImSyntax#9033 or via a ticket on our Support Server Click here. You may also request all your saved data via the ways mentioned above.

I don't want my message content tracked what can I do?

For the current version (b.2.5.9) there is no real solution for not using the users content, as the bot needs the content to handle the commands, as this version is still using text commands. Apart from that the bot only handles your message content for features like the blacklist. when you disable the blacklist, the bot will only use your message content data to make the commands working.

In the new version v.3.0 however the bot will use application commands as mentioned in the changelog. In this version you will have a command called /messagecontent where you can disable all of the bots usage of the message content data for your server.

Additional Information


We keep the right to update our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy at any point. We don't guarantee you to inform you about little changes. To make sure you are always up-to-date, visit this page frequently.

In case you have any concerns about our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, feel free to contact me via Discord: CuzImSyntax#9033

~ CuzImSyntax#9033 / Marek

Last edited: July, 11th 2022