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In the following you can read about all things that change for the EmeraldBot in the new update, as it is too much to cover it in a regular Discord message, and also I think it is much easier to describe everything properly here.

Breaking changes


These are changes that break the way a command / feature worked before.

  1. Most important all commands changed to use Discord's new slash commands.
    You can read more about that here.
    In addition to that, most commands use Discord's new components such as buttons or Select Menus.
    Some commands still work with the "old" reaction system, but we are working in changing that on future versions.
    You can see an example for a select menu below in the help command.


  2. For some commands where your choices of input are limited, we use Discord's choice option, which only allows you to select allowed options.
    This applies to commands like (buy/sell, work, module enable/disable, rps)
    To see how it works watch the example below:


  3. The tempmute command was replaced with the timeout command. This replaces the tempmute feature with an integrated feature in discord.
    This makes it more visual to users that they are muted / in a timeout: timeout-example

  4. Due to a Discord limitation, you can't anymore just use /warn <user> to warn a user.
    This now works with /warn user <user>. Besides that it still works the same.
    This also applies to /timeout user <user>, /say message <text>, /trivia play

  5. Similar to the issue mentioned above the leaderboard command slightly changes. With the global option you can change whether to change the global leaderboard or the local leaderboard.
  6. We removed the Music module as it is mostly against YouTube ToS, and it wasn't frequently used.
  7. Also, the prefix command was removed as of now on the prefix can't be changed anymore (Discord limitation).

New features

Commands / features that are newly added to the bot.

  1. Added a starboard system (/help starboard)
  2. Added the timeout command (as mentioned in Breaking Changes)

Overall improvements

Here are some overall improvements that come with this version that shouldn't really affect the way the commands are working

  1. Every list command (e.g. reactionrole list, blacklist list, ...) now use a paginator system, to make it possible to show more than 25 entries in one page.
    You can see how this is now working in the video below:


  1. We updated the database for the Image module, to show new images and memes and so on...
  2. We improved the Error handler. You should now get a more detailed information, why the command you tried to execute failed.
    With this we also want to make it easier for people with less Discord knowledge to use the bot without problems.
  3. We overworked the whole Moderation module to improve the usage of the commands.
  4. We fixed a lot of typos in descriptions of commands.
  5. Through the usage of slash commands you now also have a description for every option you enter, so it is more clear what a special option in a command is for.
  6. We completely reworked the help command. It is way more interaction now (as mentioned above).
  7. The say command now uses an embed instead of a normal message.
  8. We improved the tempban / timeout message, you now see the exact time until a user is muted / banned
    Also users now see the command they got banned / muted / .. in the message sent to them per DM.



  1. We fixed a bug in the InviteManager where the invites weren't counted correctly.
  2. Improved some functions to automatically delete old data that isn't used anymore

What will happen next?

We also have some plans for upcoming versions of the Bot. Some of them are listed below:

  • Some more games in the Fun module
  • Add more Economy commands
  • Add an application system to add the ability to apply for some things on your server
  • We are currently working on this documentation site to offer more instructions on how to use the EmeraldBot

Final Words

There is no guarantee that this list is complete, but I still think I mentioned all the important changes.
When you see something missing in this list just hmu on Discord or in the command section here.

Thanks for taking your time and reading through this article.