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What is a modrole?

The modrole is a special system by the EmeraldBot to make moderation easier.
Basically every user who has the modrole assigned, can execute commands from the moderation module.

This has the advantage that you don't need to mess with the permissions for your moderators and also don't need to give them every permission (e.g. manage_messages).

In addition to that also some other commands in the Utils module can be used by all users with the modrole.


Be careful which role you make the modrole and to which users you assign the modrole.
Otherwise wrong users might have access to moderation commands.

Why should I use a modrole

On the one hand using a modrole is required for some commands:

  • The ticket system: All users with the modrole will have access to ticket channels

On the other hand this makes the moderator's life easier as they are ignored by the blacklist filter.
This leaves the possibility of explaining / logging mistakes by users.

Exceptions to using modrole for moderation commands

There are a few commands, that still requires the permission needed to execute the command manually.
This is because we want to prevent possible abuse of some commands.

Those exceptions are:

Command Needed permission
kick kick_members
ban ban_members
unban ban_members
tempban ban_members